12 May 2012

Learning the New System - Customers Comments

Our new EziWorx system is in place, and now I am teaching the people at work how to use POS. It’s really simple and can be used by anyone to start and end a transaction. The people at my work are not very computer smart and after being shown just once, they were able to pick it up right away. It’s not like it was hard for them to do so either.

The system itself is easy to use. There are no complicated keypads to press when you are using the credit card processing aspect of it either. It’s just something I enjoy using, compared to the other stuff we have tried before that came from overseas.I know that this switch is going to be a good thing for us, as the software is written in Australia, for Australian Business and the professional installation made the change over a pleasure.

The system has already proven itself when we had a 3 day rush of customers in for mother’s day shopping. We were able to get through the queue faster than ever before with several remarks made at the speed and efficiency at the Point of Sale since their last visit!!Despite the fact that our customers are patient little old ladies and probably don’t mind the wait, it was important for us to accomplish this and our EziWorx system passed with flying colours.

Choosing the Right Software

Selecting the correct point of sale software for your company is a very important aspect of day to day business in the retail world. Picking the wrong point of sale software can mean slow run time, a high learning curve, and possibly wasted resources on your computers, due to software that is bogged down with features your company may not need.
It is a good idea to first think of the needs of your business. A point of sale software should be selected based on what your company does. A clothing store would not need the same software setup as say, a food store. Inventory control and loss prevention is another big issue in retail. The right software on your company’s computers can help process returns in a timely, effective fashion, thus decreasing your yearly losses due to incorrect inventory.
Keeping this in mind, many companies will offer you a free trial of their POS software, and a number you can call to get tech support to teach you the key features of their software. You can use this time to get familiarity with your new setup, and see if it is right for you.
EziWorx provides POS systems to businesses both large and small. The company offers the most integrated and effective systems available. All of the POS systems offered at EziWorx are affordable, making the company an even more appropriate choice for all. 
When you purchase a POS system with EziWorx, you can expect more than just a great product. They go above and beyond to ensure they are meeting each and every customer’s expectations with on going support from professional agents who care. EziWorx can provide you with POS services no matter what type of business you have, from retail, hospitality, franchise or more.